four prong dryer hookup

It turned out to be the solenoid coil. Also if the flame backs up the safety thermo can kick out to protect against fires. The parts are quite inexpensive. The igniters have been a problem. I know that it isn't a dead animal. If this is your desire go to the "Virtual Repairman" at ml This site has a step by step and visual for belt replacement.

Be careful when using this to manually turn down the max. Anybody with doubts about tightness should purchase a good quality torque wrench and screwdriver attachments and become familiar with just how tight 20 inch-pounds feels like. This can be done by feeling for a good volume of air exhausting at the vent. Other thoughts: One fast check for you to look at would be to make sure a small piece of clothing has not gotten caught in or around the rear of the motor or in the blower. To be sure it is the coil, take a small flat head screwdriver and see if the core becomes magnetized. I opened the top of the dryer and then the front.

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