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really good at getting rid of the heat even without the heatsink. Q5) Does it matter which order I power things on? The Big Easy Driver calls those two coils A and. One is to run your motor at a nice constant speed, say asian girl hookup 500 steps/s, and slowly and carefully turn the current adjustment pot one way or the other (careful not to go past the mechanical end stops if the pot you have has them) and.

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Whichever wire shows the lowest resistance against the first wire is the pair mate. More content to be filled in after Maker Faire. Additional Resources Check out these additional resources for more information and other project ideas). For the complete specs of the design, read the A4988 datasheet. Clearly that was a pretty bad choice for the Big Easy Driver labels. Step forward and reverse directions. Check the truth table in the Hardware Overview section, if you need a reminder of what settings are enabled by the various pin states.

Getting Started Help, there's a great, big Easy Driver Hookup Guide by SparkFun. There is no polarity on the coils, so you dont need to worry about plugging in a coil backwards on the board. Coil B : dmos Full Bridge 2 Output.

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