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before moving abroad? This page allows you to see everything in a single place. The great 'twin-strap wanker' debate rumbles on: Comment from discussion Wearing backpacks in London? He explained why residents were told to stay put and gave some dating advice. Comment from discussion Where to eat over the holidays. And finally This reddit user seems to get London better than anyone: Comment from discussion Tube map labelled to show the different styles of station and their heritage status. Reddit: home of deranged cat worshippers, people arguing about Adnan Syed and a vast number of people with views about London. Any recommendations on which area would be more fun? And then real life: Comment from discussion, londoners, how concerned are you about your safety right now?

His favourite film, and some vocabulary advice, topics: Culture, firefighters, UK, london-tower-fire, reddit ama. S experienced team is also available 24/7 to provide members with help and support. London Life, what you should know before getting married, according to Reddit. This lets them know that you are interested. London, bizarre sight of lobster walking down street sparks internet hilarity. An unanswerable question of undeniable insight: Comment from discussion Worst pubs in London? He said what was going through his mind when he saw the fire. UK, café chain apologises over photo of 'appalling' airport breakfast. You can talk to them via your computers microphone or chat with them through the sites instant messenger feature. He explained how they manage to eat during service. Also allows you to get to know the members of the site through various means.

Your friend is rather unwisely leaving London for good. Summary keeps you updated with all events like when a member sends you an email. Latest articles, chat, the site has a user-friendly chat program that allows you to connect with other members. Pubs We can all learn something from them: Comment from discussion Best pubs in London?