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sex clubs, the Casual Encounters section caters to the erotic underbelly of society, where courtship gives way to expediency and anonymity is a virtue (or at least a turn-on). He was a technician with a mission: he helped Lily find her G-spot, and then went further and found her elusive A-spot (a cluster of nerve endings located about halfway between a woman's G-spot and her cervix). And his characterization of prostitutes as "pregnant meth-heads" is incredibly offensive. It isn't easy to flirt with two guys at the same time. He was mortified - he apparently hadn't planned on telling her he might need to enhance his erection - although Lily was fine with. Erick Janssen, a researcher and associate scientist at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, said that some need sex and sexual novelty more than others. Swingtown Undeterred, Dick went ahead and answered a foursome ad with Anna as his new buddy. Carl was expert at orgasm-inducing foreplay. W4M has over 85 million users with tens of thousands of users on at one time. For the purposes of this story, we have changed everyone's names to protect their privacy.

Either way, it doesn't matter as the three-way never came about. Arthur: "Yes, I am for real. But in a subsequent e-mail Missy revealed that her first husband had contracted HIV and died of aids from secret affairs he had had during their marriage.

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She started answering ads last July. Also rampant is the search for drugs. Sometimes it was a man or a woman talking their significant other into trying something a little different on Saturday night. But as with so many things on Craigslist, the truth is a little dingier than what was promised. Sometimes we just coordinated the logistics of the hookup, but equally often, we wrote and received going years without dating and sex profoundly intimate and revealing letters - an epistolary of erotic stories. That way, when the older and heavier date shows up, you won't be as disappointed. Ads in the Casual Encounters section account for 2 percent of all Craigslist postings, according to the company.