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most common grave goods placed in cremation graves were "toilet implements among them bronze and iron tweezers, razors and blades, shears and ear-scoops; some were full-sized, but others were miniatures of no practical use. Data that can be gathered or inferred from Anglo-Saxon inhumations includes the biological sex or age of the individual, as well as information about their health or lifestyle. While there are many multiple burials, where more than one corpse was found in a single grave, that date from the Anglo-Saxon period, there is "a small group of such burials where an interpretation involving ritual practices may be possible". Further Middle Anglo-Saxon cemeteries were identified by the archaeologist.

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Texts from this period reflect that there was a division of opinion about the clergy as to whether judgement followed immediately doorbell hookup diagram on from death or whether all deceased soul awaited Judgement Day before being sent to either Heaven or Hell. 62 Barrow burials edit Main article: Anglo-Saxon burial mounds Mound 2 is the only Sutton Hoo tumulus to have been reconstructed to its supposed original height. 47 In certain cases, pottery urns were substituted by bronze bowls, with examples being found at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, 47 at Coombe in Kent, 53 at Illington in Norfolk, 54 and at Snape in Suffolk. Other archaeologists have interpreted such burials in different ways, leading Sam Lucy to claim that "There is probably no single explanation for the use of prone burial" amongst the Anglo-Saxons. Such markers included slabs that laid flat over the grave, and large crosses that stood upright, a number of which still survive in place. Table tennis table, collingwood Recreation Ground, address : Collingwood Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2RZ. Whether you are seeking gay men in rural UK areas or gay men in London, there are plenty of hot cruising spots and hookup opportunities. The artefacts included as grave goods also differ from those typically found in earlier centuries. Stroud: Alan Sutton: 2564.

This account has been described as being "an extreme case" but not "untypical of those considered sanctified". Browne, Thomas (1966) 1658. The documented conversion of Anglo-Saxon England to Christianity, which took place during the seventh century, was used by earlier archaeologists to explain many of the changes in burial practices during this period.

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