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canoeing trip in our. With the warm water conditions last week, DFO closed 21 cold water areas throughout the Miramichi water system until such time as the water cools again. This is great for fishermen who were landing big Salmon but it would be better to see more Grilse in the river system. One thing for sure is that there is nothing much better than finishing out the fishing season on the Cains River. Fishing starts in April for Steelhead in many streams a short flight from Ketchikan. May 11th Aaron Kroeker,. The long- range forecast is calling for a couple of hot days mid-week so lets hope it passes quickly with lots of good July fishing to come. Every week throughout the season there are so many special moments but this week's moment goes to Charlie Mosher from New Mexico who has been fishing with us annually since landing his first Atlantic Salmon on his 80th birthday in 2009. Canoes, they managed to see many big Salmon on every day of their journey throughout the lower stretches of the Main River system. The tributaries of the Renous and Cains rivers are good for a while yet but will need at least one good rise in water levels to ensure the traditionally good fall fishing these tributaries are famous for.

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The closure of these cold water locations does not affect much of the fishing on the river system as only approximately 5 percent of fishing throughout the river is impacted leaving approximately 95 percent of the river still open to fishing. The guides tend to agree that the most positive thing about the 2015 season was the large returns of Grilse throughout the season compared to the last couple of years and with the large number of fish that have entered the system, fishing should. "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi. With the water rising, anglers enjoyed some decent fishing before too much debris started moving. That means that so far in 2016 we have had about 8,000 salmon enter the Main Southwest Miramichi.

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