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count if hes ousted. He faced up to a decade in state prison for the assault, but prosecutors asked for six years. Im getting pummeled on social media, Cordell said. Last summer, before the recall measure qualified for the ballot with more than 100,000 petition signatures in January, the judge submitted a statement to the county defending his record. Still, everything changed for Persky. The Succession Question, while the recall is contentious, whether Persky should be removed is just one of two related ballot questions voters will weigh in June. Throw in one of the most high-profile sexual assault cases in California history and the #MeToo juggernaut, though, and the campaign to recall Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge.

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Though Storey opposes the recall, she said her dual experience prosecuting and defending clients lends her the perspective to remain neutral as a judge. Turner, for his part, walked out of San Joses Main Jail after serving half his time for good behavior. To insulate themselves from the whims of the citizenry, however, judges must rely on the generosity of professional colleagues who plead cases before them. As a prosecutor, I fought vigorously for victims, Persky said in the statement. I think the victim statement in that case was one of those tremors. More than 250,000 was attributed to the fair market value of attorney time and other in-kind contributions from San Jose litigation firm McManis Faulkner. The committee has raked in more than 800,000 from Silicon Valley tech executives, womens rights advocates and other donors in both the Bay Area and big cities like New York and Boston, Dauber said. Whether you vote for or against the recall, or whether you leave it blank, the vote for the successor still counts. Recall supporters argue that such political calculus is already part of the drill in a system where judges are elected by the public, but Cordell said the precedent would erode insulation judges are historically granted compared with other elected officials such as mayors or city. Brock Turner, a former Stanford swimmer convicted of three felony charges after two graduate students discovered Turner using his fingers to penetrate an unconscious woman near a dumpster after a frat party on campus. That may be most voters most recent reference point, but the state has seen three other judicial recalls.

Campaign to Recall Judge in Stanford Sexual Assault Case

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