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hDMI cable to attach the cable box to the TV, as well as a coaxial cable to connect the box to the cable service. 2 Attach the coaxial cable to the cable box. If your TV only has one hdmi input, you'll probably want to connect the cable box to it and use a different cable type for the DVD player. The jack may also be corroded. Since your DVDs will be higher-quality than your VHS tapes, use s-video here instead of for the VCR if necessary. S-video - A circular piece of plastic with several small holes. 2, check the outputs on your DVD player, VCR, and cable box. If you only have one hdmi port on the back or side of your TV, make sure that you're using it for your cable box. Both your TV and your VHS player must have a coaxial port in order for this method to work. Knowing this will help you diagnose sound or video issues if they arise. 3, turn off and unplug your.

Check your TV s inputs. On the back or side of your TV, there will be several ports to which you can attach cables. Depending on your TV s age and model, you.

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It should plug directly into the coaxial port in the back of the VHS player. The VCR (videocassette recorder) has hookup sites ontario been used in entertainment setups in homes and businesses around the world for decades. Plug the s-video cable into the back of the VCR. Question How do I connect a VCR to an old TV with a cable box? To play a VHS tape with your VCR, just insert the tape and press "Play" to begin playing. Method 2 Using AV Cables 1, make sure that you have AV cables. Find the Input Select for the VCR to view the game. For some VCRs, you will need to set the channel on the VCR itself before you can play a tape. Connect the third coaxial cable to the back of the VCR in the RF OUT with the other end connected to the back of the television's RF IN jack. Print, did this information answer your question?